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eyelash serum application

Do you know this too? You are standing unsuspectingly in front of the bathroom mirror in the morning, preparing for the day ahead, before you notice the following. Your eyelashes are noticeable shortso that they are hardly noticeable despite the make-up. Of course you have already heard of a artificial Eyelash extension heard, but isn't there a way to stimulate eyelash growth naturally? The clear answer is: Yes! With the Eyebrow and eyelash serums from Lazru strengthen the lash line from the roots upwards. You also prevent the Eyebrow loss andr prevent your eyelashes from falling out and ensure that within a few weeks they have long and thick cilia that attract all eyes. 

But before you can enjoy the sight of your long eyelashes, it is first necessary to do a few Questions to clarify. How turn You can use the serum to? How often should you use the product and how do you apply the serum so that it does its Effect can develop optimally? These and other questions will be answered in this article. 

What is the serum made of? 

Our serum contains over 70 various, high-quality fabrics, which in combination for the natural growth of your cilia - as they are also called. From rosemary oils to hyaluronic acid and extracts of real aloe, Lazru's product combines many active ingredients that help your lashes grow naturally. gentle to a new radiance. Thereby waive We avoid the use of all materials in the production process. Hormonesbut rely exclusively on the effect of natural ingredients. These also bring about a Care the sensitive skin around the eyes and prevent itchy spots or redness. 

Application of the Lazru Serum 

The application of the eyelash serum is very intuitive and is basically easy to do. Nevertheless, there are one or two factors which you should note as soon as they use the Lazru serum for the first time. Below we have provided a short Step-by-step guide listed for you so that there is no confusion during use. 

  • Shake Before using the Lazru bottle, make sure that it is well 
  • Wet the brush with a small amount of the serum 
  • Carefully apply the liquid. When doing so, place the Roots of the hairs and move the small brush to the towards of the tips

We recommend that the product once or twice a day to apply. With regular use, after about three months See progress and changes and have longer cilia. Always keep the bottle at room temperature and out of reach of children once you have applied the liquid. Our product is also suitable for tinted or tinted lashes. 


The use of the Lazru Eyelash Serums is as easy as applying mascara. Unlike make-up or artificial lashes, however, our serum helps you achieve a sustainable development of their own cilia, which, moreover, are based on wholly natural ingredients. The eyelash and Eyebrow serum strengthens but not only the cilia from the root to the tips. In addition, the Eyelids gently, so that there is no skin irritation. 


How often should I use the Lazru serum? 

A use of once to twice a day optimally supports the development of your eyelashes and is therefore ideal. You can optionally reduce the intervals and choose longer ones as soon as you notice progress or are already satisfied with the result. 

When do I notice the first progress? 

he sign-off of visible changes regarding the length of your eyelashes varies from person to person. However, the first progress is recognised after about three months on average.

Could side effects become noticeable after the application? 

Currently, we are not aware of any side effects caused by our eyelash serum. This is due to the fact that we only use natural ingredients in the production of Lazru eyelash serum and do not use any additional hormones. However, if allergies or intolerances exist, corresponding reactions may occur. 

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