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Eyelash Growth &
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The Eyelash Serum and Eyebrow Serum without hormones.


Rated with the highest grade by Dermatest in Germany in the dermatological test.

Eyelash Serum Test

®2023 Top 10 | ARBUTI – Lazru – Test Winner

test winner

In the Arbuti celebrity salon, which has attracted the attention of stars like Rihanna and many others, Lazru once again took first place in the eyelash and eyebrow serum test in 2023.

Eyelash Serum successes

Beauty Grows Here!

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Lazru Eyelash Serum

Valeria Ammirato
IFBB Pro World Champion

"Strong eyelash serum"

"...I was, as I'm sure everyone is, a little sceptical about the Effect concerns. I am happy to have discovered this serum. Thank you!"


Beauty & Healthy

"A power product"

"... a power serum, for Eyebrow & eyelash growth. Lazru is one of the Beauty Must-Haves of our artists. ❤️ "

Eyelash serum experiences

Ebru Mercanoglu
Celebrity Stylist / ARBUTI Salon

"Best eyelash serum!"

...daily great experiences with Lazru. The only eyelash & Eyebrow serum I recommend to my clients for eyelash growth.


Gerrit Schlippe, MD Specialist in Dermatology, Venereology
Dr. med. Werner Voss Specialist in dermatology, venereology, allergology, phlebology and environmental medicine

"....The product passed the dermatological tests carried out by me under the supervision of a specialist doctor with "very good"....

Lazru Powerboost without hormones!

At the Liposomal Formulation the hair root is ensured the absorption of the active ingredients and their penetration into the hair cell, thus increasing the bioavailability.

Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth

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Eyelash Life Cycle and Growth Phase

Eyelash Growth
Eyelash serum

Eyelash Serum and Eyebrow Serum for better Growth

A quick glance in the mirror and you'll notice that your eyelash or Eyebrow is too short! In short, the time has come to use a special serum to accelerate the growth of eyelashes and Eyebrows again. And this completely without hormones and harmful ingredients. With a power boost to over 50 valuable substances the sensitive hair roots in the eye area are optimally supported. This saves the eye look from artificial lashes, which is why applying our high-quality solution formula soon makes lash extensions no longer necessary. Because then the eyelash growth is stimulated as if by itself.

The serum for the natural Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth is the only one on the market that naturally and perfectly harmonises over 50 ingredients. Precious oils from real lavender, Japanese cordwood, juniper or ginger are mixed with other laboratory-activated substances. Special processes are used in the blending process that allow water and oil-based ingredients to be used together. In the formula, we attach great importance to the fact that no hormones are added!

Lazru Application of the Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum

Shake the Lazru bottle well before first use. Then use the liquid as needed once or twice a day. This can be optimally incorporated into the daily morning and evening routine. To do this, gently and evenly sweep a small amount onto the roots of the eyelashes or Eyebrows towards the tips. Be careful not to prick your eye with your fingers and let the liquid run onto it. Please keep the product at room temperature out of the reach of children.

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Lazru Eyelash Serum and Eyebrow Serum: Stimulate your Growth

The Lazru serum with perfectly coordinated ingredients is particularly suitable for hair in the eye area. The liquid covers two important areas of the face at once. It can be applied to the Eyebrows and Eyelids can be applied. The affected areas have different conditions in the hair cycle, to which the 2-In-1 product and its formula are precisely adapted. 

Eyelash Growth Cycles

Sparse eyelash growth can lead to the fact that one would like to quickly stimulate the growth cycle again with an eyelash booster. This cycle is faster for eyelash hair than for head hair, which takes between two to six years in its three phases. The entire growth cycle of the eyelashes on the other hand lasts 5 to 12 months, while there are differences in the duration of the individual phases. The Hair Growth in the eye area looks in this short number check as follows:

  • Growth phase (anagen phase): One to two months
  • Transition phase (catagen phase): Approx. 15 days
  • Resting phase (telogen phase): Four to nine months

Within the growth phase, the eyelash hairs become approx. 0.15 mm longer every day and reach their full length at the end of the phase. During the length and number of hairs there are differences depending on the location:

  • On the upper eyelid each hair is between 8 and 12 mm long and between 150 and 250 of these occur.
  • On the lower eyelid the length of a hair is between 6 and 8 mm, while there are about 50 to 150 hairs.

Depending on genetic predisposition, the duration of eyelash and Eyebrow growth can vary from person to person, which affects every part of the body where a hair grows.

Eyebrow Growth Cycle

Eyebrow growth is particularly rapid, namely about 0.3 mm per day. In the first phase of the hair growth cycle, the actual growth process takes place, while in the second phase the hair follicles atrophy. This transition phase is the shortest phase in the entire cycle, which initiates the resting phase in which new hair papillae are formed.

  • Growth phase: Approx. four weeks
  • Transition phase: A few days
  • Resting phase: Approx. four to eight months

In total, between 100 and 1,000 Hair Roots on each Eyebrow grow. These also never grow longer than the hair on the head. The reason lies in the shorter anagen phase, as the growth phase already stops after four weeks, while the head hair is about 85 percent in this phase.

The protective function of Eyelid Hairs and Brows

Those who are bald can do without head hair without feeling any health side effects. Without eyelid hairs, however, the eyeballs are less well protected from foreign bodies. These serve as a protective function to reflexively close the eyelids when for example insects or dirt particles touch the eye. Just as with a brow, this is achieved by the fine hairs of the Eyebrow, protected from drops of sweat or rain. Not only humans, but also other mammals have eyelashes and hair arches over their eyes to keep them protected. In humans, however, the individual shape or movement can tell a lot about facial expressions and gestures. Just like the eye, a beautiful, shiny and thick Eyebrow and eyelash can become a reflection of the soul.

Reasons for poor Eyebrow and Eyelash Growth

Incorrect hair care is not always responsible for the loss of eyelashes or Eyebrows. Hormones, among other things, can actually be to blame. In order not to unnecessarily disturb the hormone balance in its function, we therefore recommend hormone free products. Our serum has this important feature, because less is often more. And in this case it is worth taking a close look at the causes for poor eyelash and Eyebrow growth. There should be following points be observed:

  • Hormone disorders: Shortly before menstruation, loss of eyelashes may occur. This sometimes also occurs during pregnancy or menopause.
  • Stress: Just as diffuse hair loss due to stress affects the head, it can also affect all other body hair.
  • Irritations: Plucking with tweezers causes the hairs to grow back worse. If, for example, eyelash extensions are applied incorrectly, inflammatory irritation occurs.
  • Infections: Skin diseases, psoriasis, eczema, tumours, bacteria and viruses disrupt the hair cycle.
  • Metabolic diseases: Diabetes, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism change the hormone balance.
  • Vitamin deficit: The most important vitamins for healthy hair include biotin, folic acid and vitamins A and C. But trace elements such as iron and zinc also support the hair roots.

The optimal care for Eyebrows and Eyelashes

You can avoid further hair loss with our valuable serum and optimal care if you also rely on natural oils fall back on. Castor and coconut oil have proven very effective and support the application of serums. These oils, especially in facial care, leave a more beautiful shine emerge and provide a fuller hair density, which is why this has a more voluminous effect. Castor oil also counteracts premature skin ageing, while coconut oil helps with bacteria, viruses and fungi. For example, if the eyelash line is permanently painful, the oils can be used to regulate oil production on the skin or to soothe the infection. Also the external use of natural hyaluronic acid, which is contained in our serum, provides a lot of moisture and ensures better skin elasticity, giving the face a fresh look.

Not only these insider tips go down like oil, but also our Lazru Serum. The combination makes the difference and saves reaching for different eyelash or Eyebrow serums that are not synergistically coordinated. Nevertheless, use our product carefully and massage it gently onto the affected areas with your fingertips instead of jerkily and excessively plucking with the tweezers. You should also refrain from doing this completely during use so that the hair structure can regenerate. 

A blink of an eye to the perfect solution with the Lazru Eyelash Serum

The Eyelash Serum and Eyebrow Serum has our serum again in 2022 with the 1st place crowned. Not only as test winner among eyelash serums, but also as an optimal solvent with great effect, our high-quality formula delivers outstanding results for eyelash and Eyebrow growth. This means you get right to the root of the problem and supply the hair roots with valuable ingredients right down to the smallest fibre. If the growth of hair in the eye area is not affected by genetic predispositions, the serum is an important companion and helpful accessory on the way to a more beautiful look.

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