How to thicken your eyelashes

eyelash thickening

Enchant with a single glance? Who doesn't wish for that! In addition to beautifully radiant eyes, this also includes long, thick eyelashes. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have been given perfect eyelashes by nature. But the good news is: nowadays, everyone can thicken their eyelashes. Here we tell you the best way to do it and what you should look out for!

How can I thicken my eyelashes?

Fortunately, there are now many ways to thicken your eyelashes. In addition to purely optical, short-term thickening with mascara and the like, you can also help your eyelashes in other ways. 

  • Artificial eyelashes: The number one method in the eyelash thickening sector is and remains the gluing of artificial eyelashes, which also visually lengthen the eyelashes. 
  • Lash Lifting: The eyelashes can also be thickened with a so-called lash lift. However, this variant is somewhat more complex.
  • Eyelash serums: These products help your natural lashes achieve impressive density, length and shine. We recommend our top product Lazru (see below)!  

This is how eyelash thickening with Fake Lashes works

An eyelash thickening or Eyelash extension can either be done at home or by a professional treatment in a Lash Studio. With eyelash thickening, artificial eyelashes are glued onto the natural eyelashes, thus visually enlarging the eye at the same time. If you apply the lashes yourself, you should be careful: To ensure that the look is really natural, you should only glue on a maximum of 50 individual lashes at first. How does this work best?

To ensure that only the upper lash line is caught, the lower lashes should be covered with a pad. The upper eyelid is then fixed, after which the eyelashes are degreased so that the glue holds better. Then, using the so-called volume technique, the individual artificial eyelashes are glued onto the natural eyelash with tweezers.

What an eyelash lift costs

If you haven't just been given vouchers as a gift, a professional Eyelash lift can be quite expensive. An eyelash lift in the Lash Studio costs between 40 and 70 euros. Prices vary depending on the technique. After the treatment, you can wash your face normally or remove your make-up. Of course, you can also use eye make-up.

You should only refrain from using mascara for the first 24 hours after the treatment. And it is best to use water-soluble mascara because it is much gentler on the lashes and can also be removed more gently. 

How to make your eyelash thickening last longer!

To ensure that your volume lasts as long as possible and that you enjoy your artificial eyelash thickening, you should follow these tips:

  • No cotton pads: Do not use cotton pads for make-up removal, as the fine fibres of the pads can easily get caught in the lashes.
  • Sleep on your back: This is the least stressful way for your lashes.
  • Use protective mascara: There is a special protective mascara for artificial eyelashes. It is colourless and makes the eyelashes more elastic.
  • Use light fake lashes: The lighter the artificial lash is, the less stress it puts on the natural lash underneath. 

How to thicken your natural lashes with a serum

You can achieve an impressive wow effect with a high-quality eyelash serum. You will notice a significant difference after just a few weeks: The natural lashes will look thicker and longer, and the eyes as a whole will shine! We definitely recommend this option, because it's much better to pimp your natural lashes instead of constantly adding fake lashes, isn't it? An eyelash serum works like this: The nutrient complex of the serum works specifically at the root of the lash. Additional nourishing ingredients provide moisture.

The application is similar to the application of mascara. This is what you should pay attention to when applying it:

  • The eye area must be free of oil and grease.
  • A brief cleansing with an eye make-up remover or tonic is recommended before use.
  • Application should be once or twice daily (morning and evening) depending on the product.
  • The applicator allows the eyelash serum to be applied specifically to the upper and lower lash line.
  • You should wipe the applicator off at the rim of the bottle.
  • The serum must be left to work for about one minute.
  • Afterwards, creams, mascara or other cosmetics can be used without hesitation. 

Our recommendation: Lazru thickens your eyelashes quickly and effectively!

If you want to naturally lengthen, thicken and condition your eyelashes, we highly recommend using our highly effective Lazru eyelash and eyebrow serum! Our top product optimally stimulates the sensitive hair roots and works quickly and effectively - and all without hormones or minoxidil, which can often cause annoying side effects such as hair loss. Lazru contains only natural ingredients such as valuable oils from juniper, ginger, lavender or the Japanese cord tree.

Our product has been tested by dermatologists and rated as "very good". There are no known side effects. The Lazru Brow and Lash Serum perfectly pimps the hairs in the eye area and is also a rich care product. Lazru gives you perfect eyelashes and eyebrows.

Tips for use

For best results, we recommend using Lazru once or twice a day. And this for three months. This is the ideal way for the serum to work. The result will amaze you!


Is there a natural way to get thick eyelashes?

Sure: our Lazru eyebrow and eyelash serum contains only natural ingredients. But there are actually a few home remedies you can try: Castor oil, but also olive, lavender, almond and coconut oils can help boost the growth of your lashes and make them thicker.

How long does eyelash thickening last?

It usually lasts one to two months. Then the artificial eyelashes fall will disappear again on its own. In order to maintain the density, you should have the compaction filled every two to four weeks.

Can I use Lazru as a convinced vegan?

Yes, our Lazru eyelash and eyebrow serum was 97% vegan.

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