Eyebrows no longer grow - this is what you can do!


After you get up in the morning and get ready for the day in the bathroom, the shock follows. A glance in the mirror reveals that your Eyebrows develop irregularly or not at all. This results in an unattractive, asymmetrical image that significantly affects your face. In any case, an Eyebrow pencil is not a permanent solution. So are there ways to do something about it? Why do your Eyebrows stop growing? What can you do for the natural development of the hairs? These and other questions will be answered in the following. 

What is the purpose of Eyebrows?

The origins of the Eyebrows date back to the earliest times of mankind. It is believed that the hairs prevented our ancestors from Africa from having to Sweat from their foreheads, which would otherwise have dripped into their eyes. This would have given them valuable time on the hunt, for example, and even occasionally saved them from death. Even today, the brows protect our sensitive eyes from, among other things Dust, dirt and other impurities. 

Whereas at that time the Eyebrows still appeared very bushy, broad and generally voluminous, they have steadily grown to graceful, finer hairs receded. This allows us, by means of the brows Emotions in the form of facial expressions. We can raise them in surprise, wrinkle them sceptically or pinch them angrily to let our counterpart know how we feel without words. 

How do Eyebrows grow? 

An Eyebrow usually consists of up to 1,000 individual hairs. They grow at a rate of around 0.3 millimetres per day. slower than the hair on the head (up to 0.5 millimetres per day) and, at 30 days, have a significantly shorter lifespan than the main hair. The development of an Eyebrow can take place in three can be divided into different phases. In the first phase, the hair grows and becomes longer and longer from the root upwards until it reaches its full size. In the second phase, the Eyebrow is dormant, so it neither becomes more unstable nor gains length. Finally, the falling out of the hairs encourages the growth of new brows - as long as they have not been plucked and thus removed prematurely. This cycle comprises about four months and thus lasts one month longer than that of the Eyelashes

Why do Eyebrows stop growing? 

A lack of Eyebrow growth can have many reasons. Often conversions in the Hormone balance (for example during pregnancy or the menopause) naturally influence the development of the hairs, but also a Nutrient deficiency and Diseases can be the cause of the growth stop. In addition mechanical factors as a possible reason. Permanent removal or unprofessional Eyebrow tinting damages the papillae, which are significantly involved in hair growth. This unnatural intervention can even render them non-functional and thus prevent them from initiating the development of new brows. 

How can the growth of the Eyebrows be stimulated? 

To make bald patches within the brows a thing of the past, you can take some measures that will support and stimulate the development of the hairs and help them regain their full length and suppleness. Both home remedies and professional products can lead to success in this endeavour - depending on your preferences. 

In order to minimise mechanical irritation of the brows, you should refrain from using the permanent Pluck of the hairs waive and let them grow freely for a while. This protects the hair roots as well as the hair follicles and ensures that they can regularly sprout new brows without any problems. 

Also through special products like our Lazru Eyebrow Serum can stimulate the growth of the sensitive hairs. In the production of our tincture we rely exclusively on natural ingredients such as lavender oil and hyaluronic acid, which enable sustainable and reliable development and care of the Eyebrows. Hormones and other artificial ingredients are not used. no placebecause we are fully convinced of the effect of natural raw materials. 

Good old remedies like Onion juice also have an effect to this day. The high Sulphur content stimulates growth, promotes blood circulation to the skin and soothes inflammation. Simply squeeze an onion and apply the exuded juice to your brows with a cotton swab. After 30 minutes, you can wash them out with lukewarm water and repeat this procedure regularly in the following days. 


A growth stop can be caused by many circumstances. Often, excessive mechanical irritation from rubbing or plucking prevents the hairs from developing and also damages the papillae underneath the skin. However, hormonal fluctuations, diseases or a lack of nutrients can also be the cause of bald spots above the eyes. Both home remedies and specially developed care products can help - it is best to test for yourself which measures and tips will help your Eyebrows. more volume help. 


What is the function of Eyebrows?

The hairs probably saved our ancestors in hot areas like the savannah from having to wipe away sweat. They also protect us from the sun, dust and dirt and contribute enormously to human facial expressions. 

How do Eyebrows develop?

Within four months, the same pattern always plays out. First, the hairs steadily grow in length until they rest for a while, having reached their full length. Finally, the brows gradually fall out to make room for new hairs. 

How can I stimulate the regrowth of Eyebrows?

For this problem, you can resort to traditional remedies as well as professional care products. Onion juice or castor oil can provide a quick remedy, but our Eyebrow serum will also deliver handsome results after several weeks of regular use. 

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