How an eyelash lift works

Eyelash lift

Do you want dramatically curved lashes, an open, alert look, simply the perfect eye look? And all this without the help of aids such as mascara, eyelash curlers or fake eyelashes?

It sounds almost unbelievable: but it really is possible! And it can be done with a professional eyelash lift! We explain here how this popular beauty treatment works, how it differs from a classic eyelash lift, and how it can be done. Eyelash extension and how much you have to pay for it on average!

What is the difference between an eyelash lift and an eyelash extension?

The goal is the same in the end: People who book an appointment for an eyelash lift or eyelash extension want beautiful eyelashes and also want to look as if they are already made up and wearing mascara when they get up in the morning. But the difference between an eyelash lift and a classic eyelash extension is considerable: In contrast to a classic eyelash extension, an eyelash lift uses only the natural eyelashes. And this makes the result look particularly natural!

The lift works a bit like a perm for the eyelash hairs. They are treated with various chemicals to permanently create the perfect eyelash wave. The optical effect is similar to that after using an eyelash curler. The lashes are bent upwards and get the perfect curl. Only with Lash Lifting, of course, the effect lasts much longer: Up to eight weeks!

This is how an eyelash lift is done

At the beginning, so-called lifting pads made of silicone are applied to the eyelid with an easily removable skin adhesive. Then the eyelashes are combed and fixed in the desired position on the silicone pad. Depending on the desired intensity, you can choose between eight different pad sizes. The creation of the wave itself then takes place in two phases: In the first, a lotion breaks the so-called sulphur bridges in the lashes.

In this way, their natural structure is dissolved and can be permanently changed. After 8 to 12 minutes, the first lotion is removed and a second solution is applied to the lashes. This in turn strengthens the newly curved lash shape. Here, too, the application time is 8 to 12 minutes. Finally, you can apply the Still dyeing eyelashesif desired, and then carefully peel off the silicone pads again. The lifting effect is immediately visible! 

What an eyelash lift costs

A professional eyelash lift costs about the same as permanent hair removal - between 40 and 70 euros, depending on the beauty salon. It should definitely be done by a professional beautician. After the treatment, you can wash your face as normal or remove your make-up. Of course, you can also use normal eye make-up.   

Are there any risks associated with an eyelash lift?

Fortunately, there are virtually no risks with an eyelash lift. For every 150 treatments, there may be a client whose eyes react allergically to the procedure. The trigger for this is usually the eyelash tint, which is not tolerated so well. Not the eyelash lift itself. 

Lazru lengthens your natural lashes permanently!

If you also want to lengthen, thicken and care for your eyelashes in a natural way, then we strongly recommend using our highly effective Lazru Eyebrow and eyelash serum! Our product stimulates the sensitive hair roots in an optimal way and works quickly and reliably - without hormones or minoxidil, which can often cause unpleasant side effects.

Lazru contains only natural ingredients such as precious oils from lavender, ginger, juniper or the Japanese cord tree. Our product has been dermatologically tested and rated "very good". There are no side effects. The Brow and Lash Serum Lazru perfectly pimps all hairs in the eye area and is the optimal care on top of that!

Professional tips for the application of Lazru

Our recommendation is to use Lazru once or twice a day. And preferably for three months. This allows the serum to work best. 


How damaging is an eyelash lift for my eyelashes?

When used professionally, an eyelash lift is usually not harmful at all. There are also no side effects. 

How often can I repeat the eyelash lift?

As the lash lift is gentle on your lashes, you can repeat it at any time. But of course it only makes sense once the effect has worn off. That is, about 6 to 8 weeks after the last lift.

Can I use mascara despite an eyelash lift?

Of course. Just not in the first 24 hours after the treatment. It is also recommended to use water-soluble mascara because it is gentler on the lashes and easier to remove.  

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