These are the pros and cons of eyelash extensions!

Eyelash extension

Long, beautiful lashes simply make a statement! They make your eyes shine and automatically give the whole face a dramatic, elegant look. The sexy eye look is simply perfect! But what can you do if you unfortunately don't have long, thick eyelashes by nature? Sure, you can always pimp your eyelashes with mascara and for special occasions you can also help them out with fake eyelashes.

But there is also the option of professional eyelash extensions, which create the desired look in the long term. We tell you here how eyelash extensions work and what the pros and cons of them are!

Eyelash extensions: This is how it's done! 

In a professional eyelash extension, a so-called eyelash stylist applies eyelash by eyelash with an adhesive. The special glue disappears completely once it has dried. The false lashes are extremely elastic and you can choose between different lengths, thicknesses and curves. You can also choose whether to use synthetic lashes, mink lashes or silk lashes.

You can also choose which strength the Eyelash extensions that will be glued to your lash line. There are thicknesses from 0.03mm to 0.25mm. The finer the artificial lashes, the easier they are to style later. If the so-called volume technique is used, several lashes are attached to each natural lash. This gives you more volume at the same time. However, not every natural lash can hold that much volume. Ask your eyelash stylist for advice on how heavy the eyelash extensions can be on your eye. On average, an eyelash extension takes one to two hours. 

How long does an eyelash extension last and what does it cost?

The durability of professional eyelash extensions is on average three to five weeks. After that, they should be renewed, because by then you can often see the regrowth of the lighter, natural eyelashes. Individual artificial eyelashes can also fall out over time. The costs for eyelash extensions can vary greatly depending on the technique and the eyelash material. On average, you pay between 45 and 350 euros for such a treatment. So it can be quite expensive!  

The advantages of eyelash extensions

  • You always wake up with perfect lashes: Even the first glance in the morning is perfect with eyelash extensions. You'll never have a tired morning face again! 
  • You save time in the bathroom in the morning: You don't have to apply mascara every day. Only if you want to enhance the look on certain occasions. A light coat of make-up is usually all you need to start your day! 
  • No more smudged mascara: With eyelash extensions, there's no need to apply mascara every day, so there's no more panda eyes when you cry, get caught in the rain or go swimming! 

The disadvantages of eyelash extensions

  • Stay away from oily skin care products: One thing to get used to is that you should avoid oil-based care and make-up removal products for eyelash extensions. Sunscreen can also be dangerous, because if oil gets on the false eyelashes, the eyelash glue can come off and the Eyelash extensions fall just off! 
  • Eyelash extensions can be harmful: Sometimes your own eyelashes are severely thinned or broken off after an extension. Fortunately, this only happens if the extensions are applied incorrectly or you are given the wrong advice. So make sure you choose a good lash studio!
  • The procedure costs time and money: Eyelash extensions usually last from three to a maximum of five weeks. Unfortunately, this means that you have to refill them regularly. Of course, this costs time and money and requires regular scheduling! 
  • Eyelash extensions require a lot of care: Even though you don't need to apply mascara every day, false eyelashes still need to be cared for properly: You should go over them daily with an eyelash brush or an eyelash comb to keep them beautiful. 
  • The eyelashes are not real: Which means you'll always feel like a bit of a cheat. We therefore recommend using an eyelash serum that will make your own lashes shine!

Lazru makes your natural lashes beautiful! 

Instead of having your eyelashes lengthened at the Lash Studio, you can also use our Lazru Eyebrow and eyelash serum. The advantage: you don't have fake eyelashes on your eyes and you also get thick, well-groomed Eyebrows with the serum! Lazru works very quickly and absolutely effectively! No hormones or minoxidil were used in its production.

Our serum contains only natural ingredients: Valuable oils from ginger, lavender, juniper and the Japanese cord tree. The product has been dermatologically tested and rated "very good". There are no known side effects. Lazru optimally stimulates the hair roots. We recommend using the eyelash serum once or twice a day for three months for perfect results.

A Eyelash lift is simply superfluous with Lazru! Why not try it out before you go to an expensive lash studio?

Questions and answers

Can I exercise normally with eyelash extensions?

Natural! The extensions can withstand all everyday activities without any problems. The natural lashes are not damaged in the process. And when you sweat, there's no more smudged mascara either.

Is it true that animals have to suffer for mink eyelashes?

Unfortunately, yes! They mostly come from Asian countries where animal welfare is often neglected. The mink eyelashes are obtained either by combing the animals or by pulling off their fur. If you have a heart for animals, you should rather resort to synthetic eyelashes!

I wear contact lenses. Is this a problem with eyelash extensions?

During the extension, the contact lenses should definitely be taken out. Afterwards, however, you can put them back in without any problems. 

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