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Our eyebrows frame our eyes as well as our face and are therefore enormously important for our overall appearance! And who doesn't dream of full, perfectly arched eyebrows? But unfortunately, not everyone is naturally blessed with great brows and many women find the daily make-up of their eyebrows an enormous nuisance.

Especially because the result is not the same every day. Fortunately, there are now modern technologies in the cosmetics sector that turn every eyebrow into a work of art. And that is through permanent make-up or microblading. We compare the two techniques and explain how they work! 

How permanent make-up for eyebrows works

Permanent make-up is nothing more than cosmetic tattoos performed with a machine to make aesthetic beauty corrections on the face. The procedure is actually based on ancient techniques that were already performed by primitive peoples of various cultures. For example, among the Maori in New Zealand, it was customary to perform the traditional facial tattooing on women's lips or as eyeliner, while the Japanese Ainu also adorned their women with dark lip tattoos.

In the past, crushed charcoal was used for pigmentation. Permanent make-up is particularly important for the eyebrows. The aim is, similar to microblading, to correct the brow or to reconstruct and re-pigment the natural hair drawing by shading. With permanent brows, the colour pigments are pricked into the upper layer of the skin with a special device. After a serious illness, such a procedure is often covered by the health insurance. 

This is how a permanent make-up treatment works

Every treatment should start with a clarifying preliminary talk in which you are provided with all the important information. This also shows the seriousness of the cosmetic studio. The professional then draws the planned contours of the brows and the area is locally anaesthetised. Afterwards, the machine stabs each colour particle about 0.8mm to 1.4mm deep under the skin.

In this way, eyebrows, lips and eyelid lines can be perfected with colour pigments. The final result of the permanent pigmentation is only visible after a few days and can then be corrected if desired or even completely removed again if you are not satisfied. However, all hairs may be lost in the process. 

Permanent make-up vs. microblading

Some similarities can be found between these two techniques for permanent beautification of the eyebrows. Both serve to optimise the eyebrows - therefore the target group is also the same. The goal is the same for both techniques: perfect eyebrows.

But the treatment approaches and characteristics are different. While microblading involves manually filling the desired colour into the incised skin surface with extremely delicate blades, the permanent make-up technique relies on a state-of-the-art pigmentation device. This results in variations in the outcome. With microblading, the sensitive skin is penetrated less than with permanent make-up - this leads to an optical 3D effect that looks much more detailed than the pigmentation with permanent make-up. Another difference is the level of awareness: Permanent make-up was able to make a name for itself in the cosmetics industry a long time ago and is now an integral part of the range of services offered by cosmetic studios.

The technique of microblading, on the other hand, is still quite new on the market, so it is still difficult to find professionals with years of experience. A beautician who works on brows by microblading needs a demanding training, as the technique is quite complex to learn. The training for permanent make-up is much less complicated and takes less time because the pigmentation device does the main work here. Permanent make-up lasts much longer - two to five years. While microblading only lasts about one and a half years.

The two techniques also differ considerably in terms of cost: permanent make-up for the eyebrows costs around 200 to 300 euros, while microblading can cost up to 600 euros. This is due to the higher effort involved in the manual technique. However, the high price is justified by the deceptively real result. 

Perfect eyebrows with Lazru!

Although permanent make-up and microblading for the eyebrows are certainly beneficial in many situations, we swear by an all-natural treatment of the brows with our highly effective eyebrow and eyelash serum Lazru instead. It's much better to just push your natural brows instead of going for elaborate and expensive techniques, isn't it? Lazru works effectively and quickly, as satisfied customers confirm: It makes the eyebrows grow faster, and also thicker and shinier! The serum stimulates the sensitive hair roots around the eyes. A great side effect: With our product, you can also pimp your eyelashes and thus no longer have to resort to fake eyelashes! The serum contains only natural ingredients and was produced without any hormones.

Even the controversial drug minoxidil, which can cause serious side effects such as hair loss, has been completely omitted from our product. Instead, Lazru boosts your brows and eyelashes with 50 natural ingredients that are ideally coordinated: These include valuable oils from ginger, lavender, juniper and the Japanese cord tree.

Our pro tip: For perfect results, apply the serum once or twice a day for three months. This is the best way for it to work. Used correctly, you can look forward to beautiful, thick eyebrows after just a few weeks!

Questions and answers

Is permanent make-up for eyebrows very painful?

It can cause short-term swelling, irritation and slight pain immediately after the treatment. After all, tiny particles of colour are pricked into the skin - just like a tattoo. Of course, this means stress and strain on the skin!

Can permanent make-up harm the skin?

As with the stinging of a tattoo, permanent make-up also slightly damages the skin. Of course, this poses health risks. Allergic reactions and inflammation of the skin can occur.

How long do I have to abstain from sports after the permanent make-up treatment?

After such treatments, you should avoid sports, sun, swimming pools, solarium and sauna for at least one week and under no circumstances scrape off the crusts caused by the treatment.

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