Perfect eye look with magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes

Beautiful, long eyelashes look simply beautiful: They make your eyes pop and instantly give the whole face a dramatic, elegant look. But what's the best way to pimp your lashes if your eye look isn't naturally perfect? Nowadays, there are a variety of products for this purpose: Either you push your natural lashes to make them long and thick - for this we recommend our Lazru eyelash and Eyebrow serum (see below).

An eyelash curler can also make all the difference. Or, if you're in a hurry, use false eyelashes! Magnetic eyelashes are a good option for this - they promise a dream result with an instant effect! We tested them for you and tell you here whether the hype about the new eyelash trend is really justified!

How do magnetic eyelashes work?

Magnetic Lashes are attached to the lash line with small magnets - without any glue! Unlike most artificial lashes, they do not consist of just one lash band, but of two rows that are attached to the lash line. One is placed over your own lash line, the second underneath. The magnetism causes the two rows to attach to each other. The natural lashes lie exactly in between. Once the magnetic eyelashes have been applied, they can be mascaraed as normal. The good thing is that the practical magnetic eyelashes are not even significantly more expensive than other fake eyelashes. You can get them in the drugstore for around six euros. 

What to look for in magnetic eyelashes

You get two rows of eyelashes per eye, which should not be mixed up because otherwise the magnetism will not work properly. It is clearly indicated which rows belong together. With some models, the wreaths are even marked so that no confusion can occur. 

These are the advantages and disadvantages of magnetic eyelashes


One of the most important advantages of magnetic lashes is the time saved - you don't have to go through the hassle of applying the glue, which usually ends up everywhere except where it actually belongs. And you don't have to observe any drying times either. Magnetic eyelashes are also a good alternative for people with sensitive eyes and for allergy sufferers, as the glue can possibly irritate the eyes. Removing magnetic eyelashes is also easier than with adhesive eyelashes. You only have to pull them apart slightly to separate the two strands. What's more, you can use them several times. If you take good care of them, this is also possible with normal glue eyelashes. Another advantage: you don't need any additional accessories to attach them. Just the eyelashes themselves.


Which can be extremely annoying in the long run? Since a row of lashes is attached underneath the wearer's own lash line, it is often in the wearer's field of vision. This detracts from the look. Another problem can be that the artificial lash line is too short for the wearer's own - in other words, the real lashes and the magnetic lashes simply do not match. In addition, it is not so easy to conceal the magnets. This is a little easier with adhesive lashes, as the glue becomes invisible as soon as it has dried. With magnetic lashes, it can easily happen that the magnet comes into focus, especially if the lashes are not close enough to the natural lash line. Visits to the swimming pool and sauna also don't work with magnetic lashes, as they can easily slip. 

Boost your natural lashes with Lazru!

Our recommendation is: Boost your own eyelashes instead, then you won't have to deal with magnetic eyelashes or other types of fake eyelashes! This works perfectly with our Lazru eyelash and Eyebrow serum - the product works quickly and effectively because it stimulates your hair roots in the best possible way. Another advantage is that you can also use the serum to push your natural Eyebrows. No hormones or minoxidil, which can cause unpleasant side effects, are used in the production of our product.

Our serum contains only natural ingredients: Namely, precious oils of lavender, ginger, juniper and Japanese cordwood. Lazru has also been dermatologically tested and rated "very good". There are no side effects. We recommend using Lazru Eyebrow and Lash Serum once or twice a day for three months for optimal results. With Lazru you save yourself every Eyelash extension. The serum is also the optimal care for your eyelashes and Eyebrows!


Can magnetic eyelashes be dangerous?

No, they are even safer than adhesive eyelashes. The glue can cause allergic reactions or even bleeding. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about that with magnetic eyelashes.

Can you also shorten magnetic eyelashes?

Naturally! Before applying the magnetic lashes, check that the lash band matches the length of your natural lash line and your individual eye shape. To do this, hold the bow of the magnetic lashes against your eyelid. If the bands are too long and extend beyond your natural lash line, you can simply shorten them with a small pair of scissors. This will definitely make the look more natural!

Can I apply make-up to my eyes with magnetic lashes normally and clean the lashes afterwards?

Sure, you can apply eyeliner and eye shadow as normal. If any of your eye make-up ends up on the magnetic lashes, you can simply clean them with an eye make-up remover and reuse them.

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