Your Eyebrows are falling out - This could be the cause


If the thinning Eyebrows are the first thing you notice in the mirror in the morning, it leads to frustration and not a good start to the day. Such a sight can quickly lower one's self-confidence, because thick brows are not only considered an ideal of beauty. They also convey emotions and one's own mood. And understandably, this is rather bad when Eyebrows are missing. But fortunately this Often treatable and not severe. There are many reasons for sparse hair growth and a large number of the causes can be easily treated. That is why it is important to recognise the problem quickly in order to prevent further hair loss in time. counteract to be able to

Prevent thin Eyebrows with Lazru

Avoid and prevent increasing hair loss by treating your brow hairs with enough Nutrients supply. Ideally suited for this is the Lazru Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum. It stimulates hair growth and ensures strong and dense regrowth. Without Hormones and with purely natural ingredients it not only nourishes the hair roots, but also the surrounding skin zone. It is easy to use: apply a small amount carefully to the Eyebrow once or twice a day. Make sure to use the serum regularly. This way, it can easily become part of your daily care routine and the thin hairs will soon be a thing of the past.

The growth cycle of the Eyebrow

When individual Eyebrow hairs go bye-bye, this is not always a cause for alarm. The fact that they do not live forever is inherent in their growth cycle. The approximately 250 hairs of each Eyebrow grow in three phases. During the Growth phase (anagen phase) they form in the follicle and gain length. The nutrient supply, which causes this growth, is not available in the anagen phase. Transition phase (catagen phase) slowly subsides. In the Resting phase (telogen phase) the hair root finally dies and the Eyebrow hair falls out. The average lifespan of a brow hair is thus about four months.

Individual hairs falling out are therefore not unusual, but even normal. However, if you notice that this occurs more frequently or that the Eyebrow hairs are thinning overall, you could actually be affected by alopecia in the brow area. Itching, redness or dry patches of skin around the eye area can also indicate this. If these symptoms occur, the causes should be sought.

Reasons why Eyebrows may fall out

Hair loss does not always have to end in complete alopecia. For some people, the hair only thins out or falls out in certain areas. If the reason for the loss is unknown, a doctor should definitely be consulted. In this way, the loss of Eyebrows can be combated purposefully and effectively and possible causative diseases can be treated.

Skin irritations

Thinning Eyebrow hair is not always directly caused by a disease. It can also be caused by well-intentioned attempts to shape or define them. At Pluck for example, the roots will be damaged in the long run. In the same way, the Dye The use of a hair treatment can have negative consequences on the brow if there is an intolerance. Many products contain harmful substances or chemicals that can cause skin irritation and thin the hair. Allergies can also be a trigger for thinning Eyebrows. Therefore, it is important to make sure that care products and serums, such as the one from Lazru contain natural ingredients and no hormones.

Hormone disorders

In addition, hormonal changes can cause alopecia. This is just as normal as thinning hair on the head. Sign of age: The follicles usually produce less hair in older people. But also the hormonal changes in the Menopause or during a Pregnancy can lead to thinning of the hair in the Eyebrow area. Likewise, the altered oestrogen level during menstrual bleeding or due to the use of hormonal contraceptives not infrequently causes them.

Unbalanced diet

If not enough vitamins and minerals are taken in due to an unbalanced diet, this can lead to Deficiency symptoms such as alopecia. These often affect the hair on the head, but facial hair can also suffer from nutrient deficiencies. Vitamins A and C, biotin, zinc and fatty acids are particularly important for healthy and strong hair and should therefore be sufficiently present in food. In some cases it makes sense to take food supplements, but this should be done in consultation with a doctor.

Stress and psychological suffering

Psychological stress and worries affect the physical condition. In addition to grey hair, hair loss is a typical form of expression. A rare exceptional case of this phenomenon is the Trichotillomaniaa compulsive disorder in which sufferers pull out their own hair. In addition to a balanced diet, you should therefore pay attention to your mental well-being and avoid stress. It is not only important to take care of your body, but also to take care of the mental and emotional health.


Physical diseases can also cause thin Eyebrow hairs. With Skin diseases Associated cracked or dry skin quickly leads to alopecia and itching, which further stresses the brow hairs. Another reason can be a Hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism be. If your Eyebrow loss is accompanied by itchy scalp, cracked fingernails and dry skin patches, you should have your thyroid checked. In addition, taking some medications can bring about facial hair falling out as a side effect, as well as Chemotherapy.

Genetic predisposition

Genetic predispositions to thinning hair growth are also possible. Circular hair loss often occurs in this way, but the Eyebrow region can also be affected. In both men and women, the so-called androgenetic alopecia the most common reason for hair loss, which is caused by hypersensitivity to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Nevertheless, this type of alopecia is not a hormonal disorder, because the sensitivity is hereditary. In most cases, only a hair transplant can help in these cases. In Eyebrow transplantation, hair from the neck area or, in men, often from the beard area is transplanted into the Eyebrow region.

What helps against Eyebrow loss?

So if the Eyebrow hairs fall out, it is worth finding out the reason, because depending on the cause, the treatment can be different. In fact, the Methods to thicken EyebrowsThe causes of hair loss are almost as numerous as the reasons for it. The basic rule is that light hair that has not developed due to a genetic predisposition, regrowth can.

However, they often do not do this on their own. In addition to efforts to counteract the direct cause, it is worthwhile to seek support from a Eyebrow Serum. However, this should not contain any hormonal ingredients so that the hormonal balance is not further disturbed. Chemical agents should also be avoided to prevent further skin irritation. That is why the Eyebrow Serum from Lazru the best way to Re-thicken Eyebrows. With its natural contents promotes it not only promotes the growth of brow hairs and eyelashes, but also maintains also the sensitive skin around the eyes. It thus helps with thinning hair and at the same time alleviates associated skin irritations such as itching and redness. This is a natural way to correct brows that are falling out, and it doesn't have to be a painful procedure like microblading or a hair transplant.


Why do Eyebrows fall out?

Alopecia has many causes. Self-produced skin irritation from plucking or colouring as well as hormonal imbalances and diseases can cause the brow to thin. A genetic predisposition is also possible.

How often do Eyebrows renew?

The average life expectancy of an Eyebrow hair is about four months. Then it falls out and the hair follicle produces a new one.

What helps with thin brow hair?

For non-genetic causes, a natural serum usually helps. Hereditary alopecia in this facial area is treated with a hair transplant.

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