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Dark, full and above all long eyelashesThis is what many people dream of. But it is often a long way to this state. long waybecause eyelashes, just like Eyebrows, a certain Careto develop their full potential. The application of mascara or an artificial Eyelash extension make the fine hairs grow and appear fuller, at least for a short time, but sustainable and permanent solutions they do not represent. In this article we show you instead some Tips regarding the care of your eyelashes, which will help them to gain new length and density. 

Tip #1: Comb your eyelashes!

Since eyelashes are also defined as hair, they should - just like the hair on the head - be regularly combed can be applied to the lash line. For this purpose, there are special, very small lash combs and brushes with which you can work on the lash line. While the somewhat coarser Comb is used to separate the cilia, as they are also called, from each other. disconnectcan be removed with the small brush Impurities how make-up residues are removed. This can be done every night before going to bed, but also before applying mascara or other products. 

Tip #2: Our eyelash serums work wonders!

If you are looking for a serum that can remove the cilia from the Root upwards strengthens, nurtures and gives them a new radiance, is our Lazru Eyelash Serum the ideal choice! Due to the strength of over 70 natural ingredientsWith the help of a range of ingredients, from genuine aloe extracts to hyaluronic acid, your eyelashes will gain strength, length and volume. Thus, for a sustainable The sensitive skin around the eyes also benefits from the nourishing effect of the ingredients. Artificial additives or hormones have no influence on the production of our serums. not a chancebecause we trust exclusively in the effectiveness of nature.


Tip #3: Olive oil can help!

In addition to its use in the kitchen, this oil is also frequently used in the context of the Hair care Application. The reason for this is its nurturing and invigorating property, which is also used for the Eyelashes applies. Not only does it make the fine hairs fuller and smoother, it also provides the lashes with Vitamins and prevent a early termination of the cilia. At best, apply a thin layer of the oil in the evening. For this purpose you can, for example, use a Eyelash brush which you clean beforehand and then wet with a little oil. 

Tip #4: Be careful with an eyelash curler!

This helpful item is often used to clean the eyelashes after top to bend them and thus voluminous appear. In doing so, however, you should definitely take into account the right time for the use of such an eyelash curler, otherwise you will damage the cilia. damage can. It is therefore advisable to use the small pliers from the make-up, as this will damage the eyelashes. harder become. If you now bend the cilia upwards with an eyelash curler, they are more inclined to to be cancelled. So shape the cilia first and only apply mascara afterwards to preserve the structure of each individual lash. 

Tip #5: Don't forget to remove your make-up! 

Before the day ends, you should remove all Backlogs mascara, skin care cream and the like. If you do not do this, this usually has brittle and sensitive eyelashes, which tend to grow more quickly. to be cancelled. To avoid giving this process a chance in the first place, you should also make sure to remove the make-up as well. careful and carefully to be carried out. Allow the make-up remover to take effect before applying it to the skin. without Rub or rub gently to wipe off. This is how you contribute to the longevity of your eyelashes! 


There is various There are many ways to care for your eyelashes and give them new length and radiance. Whether it's a home remedy, a serum or the use of eyelash brushes - you can do it all. many ways lead to beautiful, well-groomed eyelashes. Certainly not every method is suitable for every user, but there is certainly something for you among the variants shown. Feel free to test the different approaches yourself and find out which method is right for you and cares for your eyelashes best!


What is the serum from Lazru made of?

Our serum contains over 70 different ingredients of natural origin. These not only strengthen the lashes at the root, but also care for the fine cilia and make them radiant. We do not use any additional ingredients or hormones. 

What does olive oil do? 

The oil is not only suitable for the scalp hair, it also strengthens eyelashes and prevents the cilia from breaking off. This succeeds because this oil has a nourishing effect and also has various vitamins that are passed on to the eyelashes. 

When should an eyelash curler be used? 

It is essential that the eyelashes are treated with such tongs before using mascara or other make-up products. If this is done after using mascara, the cilia have already hardened and tend to break more quickly due to the bending. 

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