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Eyebrow thickening

An Eyebrow sometimes says more than many words. Whether surprise, astonishment, scepticism or anger, they express feelings, reflect the mood and are thus indispensable for people. This makes it all the more important to feel comfortable with one's own brow. But this is not always as easy as it sounds, as many people suffer from sparse hair growth above the eye. However, very few people have to put up with this, as there are a number of Tips and tricks to thicken Eyebrows.

Natural care with Lazru

The Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum by Lazru not only visually thickens the hairs, but actively promotes their growth and supports the sensitive hair roots in the facial area. It contains no hormones, but pure natural ingredients such as the selected oils of genuine lavender, Japanese cordwood, juniper or ginger, which have a great effect in combination with laboratory-activated substances. The serum is safe and easy to use and can be stored at room temperature. Gently apply a small amount to the Eyebrows towards the tip once or twice a day as needed. In this way, the brow growth is supported and stimulated daily and the roots receive new strength.

Why thick Eyebrows are important

Straight full and prominent brows give the face more Printout and the Facial expression more effect. For many women and men, perfect Eyebrows are therefore a long-desired facial feature. Even though they are not usually the focus of the face, they skilfully frame it and emphasise the eyes at the same time. Plucking is out and thick brows are currently very trendy. They are considered a beauty feature and can also be found on famous faces.

But full Eyebrows are not only a great desire for many people for aesthetic reasons. The hairs also serve a practical purpose: together with the eyelash curls, they perform an important Protective function. Both facial hairs prevent dirt, rain or sweat from getting into the eye. Eyebrows can also protect against the sun's glare. The strip of hair above the eye thus functions as a fur substitute for humans, as most other mammals are protected from drops of water and sweat in the eye by their full body hair. The denser the hair growth, the higher the effectiveness of its protection.

Different methods of Eyebrow thickening

However, those who are not blessed with thick hair growth do not have to despair immediately. Depending on the cause and extent, different types of Eyebrow thickening are available. They differ above all in whether they make the hair appear visually thicker or actually lead to hair growth. But there are also differences in the duration and extent of the Eyebrow correction.

Eyebrow make-up

Probably the quickest and cheapest method to strengthen the brow contour is the cosmetic correction with Eyebrow pencils. To better define the natural brow shape, these are usually well suited. For sparse Eyebrows, this is a good option. temporary method to experiment with. But with thin or few hairs, make-up can quickly look unnatural. And while the brow may look appears visually densertheir protective function against dirt is not improved.

Eyebrow colouring

Like head hair, you can change your Dyeing Eyebrows in the hairdressing salon or do it yourself at home. This method is more long-lasting than make-up, but it does not promote hair growth itself and thus does not promote the hair's natural protective function. When using dyes, you should make sure that they are No hormonal agents or harmful substances contain. The eye area is particularly sensitive and should not come into contact with products of this kind.


Microblading is a form of permanent make-up in which fine lines are scratched into the skin with the help of blades and colourants. The durability depends on various factors such as skin type and metabolism and is one to two years. Before that, the permanent Eyebrow can only be removed with laser therapy. This method of brow thickening is clearly more expensive as a colouring and is particularly suitable for Genetic or disease-related hair loss an.

Hair transplant

An Eyebrow transplant is also useful especially if the thin or non-existent hair growth is not due to a genetic predisposition can be traced back to. By transplanting hair roots, for example from the nape of the neck, new, permanent hair growth is created. Thus, a hair transplant also ensures that the brow can better protect the eye from foreign bodies. In addition, the result looks more natural than the methods mentioned so far. However, a hair transplantation with a expensive, surgical treatment which, like any operation, can involve risks.

Eyebrow Serum

Severe and sometimes painful procedures like microblading and grafting are not even necessary in many cases. The use of a serum like the one from Lazru enables the Stimulate natural growth of the hair and support the growth cycle of the brow. The thicker Eyebrow makes the face look more prominent and can also keep dirt away from the eye better again. As long as the cause is not a genetic predisposition, serum itself can help when Eyebrows fall out. After regular use, they grow back thicker and stronger.

In addition, Eyebrow serums support the hair cells and facial skin by general care and thus offer a feeling of wellness. The effect can be supported by additionally applying home remedies such as castor oil or coconut oil. As with colouring products, you should pay attention to the ingredients when choosing a serum. There should also be No hormones be contained. That is why the Lazru product with its more than 70 perfectly coordinated natural active ingredients is ideally suited.


When choosing a hair thickening product, it is important to bear in mind that the Eyebrows are located in the sensitive area of the face. Cosmetic products such as Eyebrow pencils are suitable for short-term definition of the brow. However, if a long-term improvement the goal is a Natural, skin-friendly agent like a serum is the right choice.

The Lazru Eyebrow Serum meets these requirements - it contains No hormonal substances and is pure natural. Its simple application once or twice a day allows it to be integrated into the grooming routine, providing the hair cells with valuable ingredients. As the test winner among eyelash serums, the serum from Lazru gets to the root of the problem and cares for the surrounding skin at the same time.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions and answers

What functions do Eyebrows fulfil?

Besides their aesthetic effect, brows are an important means of non-verbal communication. Their protective function should also not be underestimated: They prevent dirt particles or sweat from landing in the eye.

How can Eyebrows be thickened?

There are many possibilities for thickening the brow. The most effective and natural result is promised by a serum without hormones that directly promotes hair growth.

When is a serum the right choice?

As long as thin hairs in the brow area are not genetic, a serum with natural ingredients is suitable for all hair and skin types. In case of genetic causes, Eyebrow transplantation or microblading is recommended.

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