Eyelash serum during pregnancy - here's how it can help you!

Eyelash Serum Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman literally glows. However, this feel-good factor is sometimes affected by hair falling out, which can also be caused by expecting a child. To ensure that you can feel good all around during these very special months, there are some Tips and measureswhich your hair, Eyebrows and eyelashes to a new shine. 

What happens to the hair during pregnancy and which remedies really help when it comes to healthy growth? These and other questions will be answered in the following. 

Why does pregnancy affect hair growth? 

While you are expecting a child, many different processes take place in your body. First and foremost, a Change in hormone balance The female body produces more oestrogens, especially in the second half of pregnancy. This stimulates the growth phase of the hair so that it sprouts faster and stronger than before and produces long, shiny strands. However, there are also women who have exactly the opposite observe during your pregnancy: The hair becomes thinner, falls out faster and loses all radiance. 

These developments can also be explained by the fluctuating hormonal balance or diverse Diseases but the causes can also have other reasons. Thus a Nutrient deficiency during pregnancy also contribute to the hair loss, which in this case is particularly due to a Iron deficiency can be traced back to the birth of a child. The need for iron should be generously covered during this period anyway, as it contributes an important part to the healthy development of the child. Besides hair loss, iron deficiency has different consequencesFatigue, lack of concentration or brittle fingernails are just a few examples. 

  • Fatigue
  • Brittle fingernails
  • Lack of concentration

Can you use an eyelash serum during pregnancy? 

When it comes to sustainable eyelash growth, many people often think of the usual home remedies such as castor oil, which they have already tested. However, if this does not work as it should, many people resort to a corresponding Serumwhich supports the development of the cilia. Since the hairs not only break off during pregnancy, but even drop out it is particularly important that the lashes are strengthened from the root upwards and can grow healthily. Many eyelash serums contain a artificial agent or even Hormones such as prostaglandin, which you should always take during the nine months of pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Distance should be kept. Long-term consequences and side effects, which can also be transmitted to the unborn child, cannot be completely ruled out in this case. You should therefore use products without synthetic ingredients or hormones - like the Lazru Eyelash Serum - back. 

The Lazru eyelash serum works - even without artificial additives!

With the help of our eyelash serum, you can help the fine hairs regain their radiance, length and density even in difficult times! About 70 natural ingredients such as lavender oil or extracts of real aloe provide a lasting and natural effect and strengthen the eyelashes from the Root upwards. In addition, our serums care for the sensitive skin around the eyes and improve the appearance of the eyes. Skin texture of your face. Artificial additives or hormones have no place with us. not a chancebecause we rely exclusively on the effectiveness of nature and healthy hair growth is our top priority. 


Pregnancy can favour hair growth on the one hand, but on the other hand it can also slow it down or even cause hair loss. In order to counteract this process as effectively as possible, you should first of all take care of your increased hair growth. Cover iron requirementsA deficiency of this nutrient can cause hair loss, among other things. If you want to use a serum, you should make sure that it contains the following nutrients none contains artificial ingredients or any hormones. Instead, choose a product that is only based on natural raw materials Familiar. 

Lazru Eyelash Serum

FAQs - Frequently asked questions and answers

Why does hair fall out during pregnancy?

The fluctuations in hormone balance can be a cause of hair loss. However, an illness or an iron deficiency can also promote the loss of hair, as the latter should be particularly well covered during the nine months of pregnancy. 

Which serums are suitable during pregnancy? 

Tinctures produced using synthetic substances can impair the development of the child and should therefore not be used during pregnancy. Products that are based on natural ingredients and are hormone-free, on the other hand, prove to be risk-free in most cases.

What are the Lazru eyelash serums made of? 

Our serum is a true miracle of nature. Over 70 valuable and natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or ginger oil provide the fine hairs on the lash line with everything they need for healthy and sustainable growth after application. As long as the tincture is applied regularly, at best daily, the first progress can be seen after just a few weeks. 

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