Make your own Eyebrow serum - this is how you do it!

The Eyebrows contribute a great deal to the appearance of the face. It is therefore all the more important that they are shown off to their best advantage, for which a strong growth is indispensable. But sometimes the fine hairs put a spanner in the works. They turn out to be dull, they grow irregularly, the Eyebrows fall out or cause patches of light on the skin above the eye. This is further encouraged by excessive plucking, whereby bald patches can be covered with an Eyebrow pencil for a short time. To avoid such a condition in the future, it is advisable to resort to special serums that naturally thicken and strengthen the hairs and stimulate sustained growth. When looking at the list of ingredients, however, the following questions rightly arise: Can't you make such a tincture yourself? Which remedies work best and how should they be combined? These and other ambiguities will be cleared up in this article. 

What is Eyebrow serum? 

With the help of such a serum, it is possible to stimulate the development of the Eyebrows and ensure that the hairs gain volume and density. Many manufacturers resort to artificial additives such as hormones, which can sometimes Harmful to health can be. In serums that do not contain such ingredients, mostly natural ingredients such as lavender oil or hyaluronic acid for the care of the hair. The application is very simple. Professional products usually come in a small bottle. The practical brush on the lid is dipped into the serum before you can apply the tincture to your brows. Depending on the product, you should eight to twelve weeks can see the first signs of progress. 

How do you make your own Eyebrow serum? 

Before you shell out a lot of money for a professional serum, you can try your hand at making your own tincture. Some of the necessary remedies are available in every household available, otherwise they can be purchased cheaply in the Pharmacy or drugstore can be purchased. Below we show you some blends that have proven themselves over the years and help to stimulate Eyebrow growth. 

Variant #1: Oil combination

For this serum you need the following ingredients and items: 

  • Half teaspoon argan oil
  • One tablespoon castor oil
  • Half teaspoon almond oil
  • Half teaspoon liquid vitamin E
  • A small, sealable vial for storage 

The castor oil represents the Base for the tincture. After you have put the tablespoon into the bottle, you can add the almond oil and the argan oil. Finally, you add the liquid vitamin E, which supports hair growth and strengthens the hair from the roots up. The Combination of the three oils provides moisture as well as the necessary suppleness of the brows and soothes the skin. With the help of a small Eyebrow brush (available in any drugstore), the tincture can then be applied. 

Variant #2: Fenugreek oil 

You will need the following ingredients and items to make this tincture: 

  • Fenugreek seeds
  • An oil of your choice (for example almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil)
  • Cold water
  • Mortar

First soak the small seeds in cold water for a few hours. Then you can put the fenugreek in a mortar and grind it. Adding almond oil also has a positive effect on hair growth and makes the fine mass smoother so that you can use the tincture more easily later. Use the serum at best two to three times a week overnightso that it can work in well. 

Alternative: Lazru Eyebrow Serum 

In case you find it too complicated or time-consuming to make your own serum, you can turn with a clear conscience to our Lazru Eyebrow Serum reach. The Lazru serum, which is suitable for both brows and Eyelashes is suitable, consists of over 70 The product contains various natural ingredients, including various oils and valuable raw materials such as substances from real aloe. At artificial ingredients or hormones waive We do not use any tincture at all, as we are convinced of the power of natural active ingredients. Colouring or tinting the brows can also be easily combined with the tincture. With daily use of our serum, you can achieve visible progress in terms of the length and volume of your brows after about three months. 

Lazru Eyelash Serum


With the right ingredients, you can also make effective Eyebrow serums on your own. In particular Oils have been tried and tested in the past and have proven to be excellent ingredients when it comes to stimulating hair growth for decades. In the event that you prefer to do without a Professionally prepared tincture If you want to use Lazru eyelash and Eyebrow serums, you are definitely on the safe side. Try your hand at making your own remedy with the tips mentioned and also test our product - the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

FAQs - Frequently asked questions and answers

What is an Eyebrow and eyelash serum for?

With the help of such a serum, your brows will thicken with regular use and gain shine and volume. Valuable, natural active ingredients strengthen the hair and ensure that your brows will look their best from now on. 

What ingredients do I need for my own tincture?

Especially oils are relevant for the production of a serum for the brows. But aloe vera or fenugreek seeds can also support hair growth and ensure beautiful Eyebrows in the long term.

What does the Lazru Eyebrow and Lash Serum contain?

Our tincture contains over 70 valuable and natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or rosemary oil and provide the brows with everything needed for healthy and sustainable growth.

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