This is how castor oil makes your eyelashes longer and thicker!

Castor oil eyelashes

Long eyelashes stand for absolute femininity! After all, who can resist a perfect eye look? However, they also need to be properly cared for. Unfortunately, eyelashes don't always grow naturally long and thick as you would like them to! But that's no reason to worry: nowadays you can help them grow! For one thing, with eyelash serums, like our highly effective eyelash and Eyebrow serum from Lazru. Or with the miracle weapon castor oil. In the best case, you can even combine both. We explain here what castor oil is and what it does to your lashes to make them longer and thicker. Generally, castor oil is an insider tip in hair care - even on the scalp.

What is castor oil?

Castor oil is a very high-quality vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the tropical tree Ricinus communis, a spurge plant. It is known for its effective ingredients: 90 percent ricinoleic acid, vitamin E, various triglycerides and essential fatty acids. Castor oil is sometimes called castor oil in pharmacy. When cold-pressed, it is considered an absolute beauty secret weapon for skin and hair and a natural eyelash serum.

This is what castor oil does to your eyelashes!

Castor oil is considered an absolute insider tip, as it not only keeps the eyelashes supple, but also makes the hair follicles stronger and stimulates blood circulation and hair growth enormously. Castor oil gives the eyelashes more fullness, intensity, elasticity and shine - like eyelash care. Growth is already promoted after the first application. In addition Castor oil also has a positive effect on your, skin and nails. High-quality, cold-pressed castor oil is available from around 10 euros. 

How to use castor oil on your eyelashes!

Put a drop of oil on an eyelash brush and gently comb it into your lashes. You can also apply it with a cloth. However, it is best to stay very close to the lash line so that the valuable nourishing substances of the castor oil reach deep into the roots of the hair. The oil should be left on all night. Remove it the next morning with clean water and a cosmetic tissue. 

Lazru also pimps your eyelashes!

The absolutely perfect complement to the use of the oil is our Lazru eyelash and Eyebrow serum! It gets the eyelash growth going even more - without hormones and harmful ingredients. It works much more effectively than any home remedy! It has been specially developed with a power boost of 50 valuable ingredients to make your eyelashes longer and thicker. It stimulates the hair roots optimally - and much more effectively than other eyelash serums on the market! Oils from lavender, Japanese cord, ginger and juniper are responsible for this.

With its liposomal technology, Lazru ensures perfect absorption of the hair roots and deep penetration into the cells. This further increases its bioavailability. With its soothing effect, the product cares for the sensitive hair follicles and helps prepare the environment for vibrant growth. With its extremely light texture, it also provides restorative care. Lazru also prevents the eyelashes from falling out and greatly increases their resilience. 

How to use Lazru correctly

The bottle should be shaken properly before the first application. We recommend using the serum twice a day: Simply apply a small amount evenly and gently to the lashes. Lazru should ideally be stored at room temperature and out of the reach of children. It takes about three months to achieve optimal results.


Can castor oil also be harmful to my eyelashes or even my eye?

No. Since it is absolutely free of chemical additives, the application on the eye is completely unproblematic.

How long should I use the castor oil on my eyelashes?

To ensure that the effect is really long-lasting, we recommend daily application over several weeks.

Does castor oil also work on my Eyebrows or only on my eyelashes?

Castor oil also has a wonderful effect on your Eyebrows because it stimulates growth and keeps the hairs around the eyes supple and healthy. It also makes them look thicker immediately. 

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