Dyeing eyelashes: This is how it works!

Eyelash dye

Who doesn't dream of long, dark lashes instead of sparse, thin ones? Dramatic lashes make the eye look simply perfect. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not always fair and not everyone can enjoy great lashes. Fortunately, this problem can be helped very well: And that is by tinting your eyelashes! The advantage is that you not only save yourself the daily make-up removal, but also a lot of time in the morning, because you no longer have to apply mascara. The result lasts four to six weeks. To tint your eyelashes, you can either visit a beautician or do it yourself at home. We explain here how to do it and what you should pay attention to when tinting your eyelashes!

DIY: How to dye your own eyelashes!

Before you do anything yourself, it is important to know what you need. Namely:

  • Eyelash colour
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Cotton buds
  • Cotton pads
  • Fat cream
  • Saline solution
  • Approximately 30 minutes time

And this is how you proceed in six steps so that the result is perfect in the end:

  • Step 1: Before applying the eyelash tint, thoroughly remove make-up from your eyes and eyelashes and carefully degrease the eyelids and eyelash hairs. This works especially well with a cotton pad and some saline solution!
  • Step 2: Afterwards, you should apply grease cream to the skin under your eyes. Please make sure that no cream gets on your eyelashes, otherwise the eyelash tint will not hold so well!
  • Step 3: Carefully place the pads provided in the lash tinting kit under your eyes - as close to the lower lash line as possible. 
  • Step 4: Dip a cotton swab into the developer solution and apply to the upper and lower lashes. 
  • Step 5: Now you can apply the colour to the lashes with a fresh cotton bud. Alternatively, use an eyelash comb and apply the colour like a mascara until the colour is evenly distributed. Start at the lash line and spread the colour to the tips!
  • Step 6: Leave the eyelash tint to work according to the instructions on the package (usually three to five minutes). Then remove the eyelash tint with a damp cotton pad. Be sure to keep your eyes closed so that no colour gets into your eyes. When you open your eyes again, you can look forward to perfect lashes!

Dye your eyelashes: These are our pro tips! 

With our tips and tricks, nothing can go wrong with DIY eyelash tinting. Be sure to follow them when you try it for the first time!

  • The right colour: Does brown or black eyelash colour suit you better? That depends on your individual type! Are you naturally dark with dark Eyebrows and hair? Then you should definitely use black colour. If you have a lighter skin tone, we recommend brown colour. It looks more natural! 
  • Do not use hair dye: How handy - you happen to have some colouring for your hair at home? Hands off: Don't be tempted to just use normal hair colour. It's far too aggressive and can cause severe irritation to your eyes! 
  • If it burns, get rid of it immediately: If the eyelash tint also stings your eyes or skin, remove it immediately with a cotton pad and rinse the eye area with clean water. In this case, there is an intolerance. Apply a soothing eye gel afterwards and get a different colour instead! 
  • Get a friend to help you: Eyelash tinting works best when you have assistance! Get a friend to help you. If no one has time and you are on your own, take your time and tint one eye first and then the other! 
  • Eyelash curler and mascara: If you want the result to be even more dramatic at the end, you can even apply additional mascara to the lashes for styling and then use an eyelash curler as usual!

Lazru makes your lashes thick and long!

But colour alone does not make a perfect eye look! It is also important that the eyelashes are long and thick. This is where our eyelash and Eyebrow serum from Lazru can help! It makes your lashes long and beautiful in no time. A great additional effect: the hairs on your Eyebrows also become thicker and grow faster! Our serum contains no hormones and does not contain the controversial active ingredient minoxidil, which can cause side effects such as hair loss!

Instead, Lazru relies exclusively on natural ingredients that are perfectly coordinated with each other. It contains precious oils of real lavender, Japanese cordwood, juniper and ginger! If you use our Eyebrow and eyelash serum once or twice a day for three months, you can look forward to long, thick eyelashes that shine beautifully after just a few weeks. There are no known side effects. Why not give Lazru a try?


Is eyelash tinting harmful?

If they are dyed professionally and you can tolerate the colour: No. However, you should make sure that the colour does not get into your eyes. This can cause severe irritation.

I get a light base a few weeks after eyelash tinting. What to do?

As hair grows at different rates, it is sometimes the case that a base appears more quickly. This is particularly noticeable if the natural eyelashes are rather blond. In this case, it simply helps to re-colour more quickly.

Is an additional eyelash lift recommended?

Eyelash lift is a method to give your own lashes a beautiful, natural curl. In the process, the lashes are curved upwards with liquids. The dramatic effect of the tinted lashes is further enhanced by the perfect lash wave.

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