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Bushy Eyebrows

Thin, straight, thick, curvy or defined? Those who follow the trend wear their Eyebrows fluffy and bushy. Not only a full head of hair on the head, but also above the eyes sends positive signals to the person opposite: Health and well-being. The look is defined by alert and vibrant Eyebrows that are the result of vigorous Eyebrow growth. This is how you make an impression and can show your striking and mysterious side. With our Tips and tricks we want to show you a few ways to help you achieve bushy Eyebrows.

Learn in this article what impression you create on others with bushy Eyebrows and how to get them in just a few steps. Are full brows just a short hype or a phenomenon of our time?

Lazrus little helper for bushy Eyebrows

Lazru's Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum is the ideal 2 in 1 solution if you want to help hair grow around your eyes and also get full eyelashes want. The finely tuned formula with over 70 selected ingredients from nature, promotes the natural hair growth cycle. At any time of the year, the laboratory-activated substances stimulate the subcutaneous tissue and act directly on the hair root. Through daily use and storage at room temperature, our serum proves to be the perfect booster for hair growth. naturally stimulate.


What do bushy Eyebrows say?

A brief smile, a rolling tear - joy and sadness are close together. But you can give your face even more emotional expressiveness by using your Thicken Eyebrows. This gives them a much more bushier and livelier. But a full head of hair above the brow is not just a trend since yesterday. self-confident women follow. Madonna already showed herself with expressive brows in the 1980s. These can be following characteristics point out:

  • Strong personality
  • Assertive
  • Lively
  • Successful
  • Courageous

If the shape of the brows is straight, the person is straightforward and perfectionist, who likes to lead an orderly life but does not like to make decisions. The more pronounced the hair growth, the more direct the person appears to others.

How do Eyebrows become bushy?

Stars like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins show how it's done! Expressive Eyebrows are just as popular today as they were in the 1980s. But not every woman is naturally blessed with a full Eyebrow. That's why with our valuable tips in a natural way so that they grow healthily in the long term.

Oils and care products for bushy hair

Oil is a popular choice for a maThe oil is used to provide nutrients such as the healthy omega-3 fatty acid. to "cleanse" the body from the "inside". Applied externally, they crank the following oils and other household products stimulate Eyebrow growth and make the entire eye area shine:

  • Vaseline
  • Castor oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Onion juice

Simply massage a few drops in the direction of growth and leave it there.

Less plucking, more growth

Some women do not grow Eyebrows because they have been plucked too often. The plucking causes the hairs to need approx. Eight weeksto grow back completely. If you want a fuller head of hair, we recommend a visit to a beauty salon so you can put yourself in the hands of a professional instead of picking up the tweezers yourself.

Help visually

A Eyebrow pencil promises quick help, but can lead to an unnatural look if applied incorrectly. This is the case with women who are already naturally very thin Eyebrows have. Especially for fine hair, these should be provided with important nutrients from our Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum so that the hair's natural protective function is maintained. An immediate beauty solution can be found at the hairdresser's, who will dyes the hairThe result is that only the appearance is improved, but not the actual hair growth.

Nutrition and sport

Healthy hair growth is achieved through Vitamins such as vitamins A, C, D and E. Biotin is directly involved in the formation of keratin in skin, hair and nails. Eyebrows fall outif, among other things, they are not sufficiently supplied with these vital substances. Your diet should include a variety of vegetables and fruits, as well as nuts, whole grains, tea and water. If necessary, reach for Food supplements in consultation with your own family doctor. In winter, for example, in the case of a vitamin D deficiency, the additional supply of this vitamin through capsules, tablets and the like can have a positive effect on hair growth.

In addition to valuable antioxidants from plants and leafy vegetables, endogenous Anti-stress hormones for a fully functioning organism. This is supported with the help of sport and plenty of exercise, as serotonin and dopamine are released. This means that fewer free radicals can cause diseases in the body.


Bushy hair can be used with any Eyebrow shape your Appearance more confident and fun-loving make an impact. Make your own mark today by adding volume and shape to your Eyebrows. The best way to do this is with our branded Lazru product, which gets to the root of the problem and promotes healthy hair growth.

Do the self-check before buying our product! Does your everyday diet cover the need for important nutrients so that healthy Eyebrow growth can take place? Are these vital substances optimally metabolised in the body through sufficient exercise? Before you take care of your brows yourself and reach for tweezers or a pencil, let professional groomers take care of them for you. The perfect solution is our Eyebrow serum, which provides your brows with the most important nutrients every day.

Lazru Eyelash Serum

FAQ - Questions and answers

Are bushy Eyebrows fashionable?

With bushy Eyebrows, you follow the trend that was already set in the 1980s and is flourishing again today.

How do you get bushy Eyebrows?

Pull less on your hairs and let them grow for at least two months. You can use castor or coconut oil daily and rub a few drops into your brows. Our highly concentrated Eyebrow serum nourishes them even more thoroughly, as it contains over 70 natural ingredients. You should also focus on plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet and keep fit by exercising.

What do bushy Eyebrows stand for?

Bushy Eyebrows give the face a strong impression, making the person look more direct and assertive. This is a natural way for women to emphasise their masculine side, which is both striking and mysterious.

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